13th Jan 2016

GlobWetland Africa – towards EO-based Wetland Monitoring in Africa

Source: DHI Gras A consortium led by DHI GRAS (Denmark) and including GeoVille GmbH (Austria), ITC (Netherlands) and Brockman Consult (Germany) as well as the technical […]
13th Jan 2016

Why Ghana Started a Space Program

Source: Motherboard; Article:Chris Matthews Plantain sellers, fruit vendors and market stalls line the road as taxis and local tro tro buses dart through the busy high […]
13th Jan 2016

Ancient river network discovered buried under Saharan sand

Source: The Guardian Radar images of the Mauritanian desert have revealed a river stretching for more than 500km and suggest plants and wildlife once thrived there […]
13th Jan 2016

Satellite Brings Aircraft Surveillance to Africa

Source: Satellite TODAY; Article: Juliet Van Wagenen South African airlines are seeing growth on the horizon, but the continent still operates with relatively sparse air traffic […]
17th Dec 2015

The European Union and Africa: a Copernicus partnership since 2007

Source: European Commission: Article: Copernicus Newsletter The GMES & Africa initiative was established in order to promote cooperation between the European Union and the African Union, […]
2nd Nov 2015

Russia to launch 2nd remote sensing satellite for Egypt

Source: The Cairo Post Egypt and Russia will sign a contract in late 2015 to establish a new Egyptian satellite for remote sensing, Vladimir Solntsev, head […]
29th Oct 2015

Nasarawa State Government, Nigeria embarked on a large-scale investment to develop a modern geospatial data infrastructure

Nasarawa State Government, Nigeria embarked on a large-scale land-based investment of US$16,876,561.00(2.7 billion Nigerian Naira), using modern geospatial technologies to develop a modern geospatial data infrastructure […]
28th Oct 2015

A crowdsourced satellite image search is helping find child slaves in Ghana

Source: Quartz, Article: Annalisa Merelli Lake Volta, in the eastern part of Ghana, has long been a center of endemic child slavery: trafficked children are abducted […]
28th Oct 2015

Satellite images and cell phones could be a lifeline for honey bees and beekeepers in Africa

Source: Penn State News A new Penn State project aimed at improving the food system in East Africa by enhancing pollination services and promoting bee-derived products […]