5th Mar 2015

Recent GEO Activities and Accomplishments

African Ministers for Meteorology Voice Support for GEO/AfriGEOSS The Third Session of the African Ministerial Conference on Meteorology (AMCOMET-3) recently adopted a Declaration expressing strong support […]
19th Feb 2015

AARSE wants to welcome a new member to our executive council

Bulelwa Semoli,the Director for Imagery and Topographic Data (ITD) at the Chief Directorate: National Geo-spatial Information (CD: NGI), under the Department of Rural Development and Land […]
15th Jan 2015


The President of AARSE was invited to the scoping workshop on ‘the role of Earth Observation (EO) systems in Environmental Policy Support – Africa’ held on […]
15th Jan 2015

200th Long March rocket launches CBERS-4 for Brazil

The fifth cooperative mission between China and Brazil was launched at 03:26UTC on Sunday. In what was a milestone 200th launch for the Chinese rocket fleet, […]
15th Jan 2015

Ghana To Have Its Own Satellite In 2020

Ghana is to launch a space satellite in the next five years near the Equator for earth observation. To be flagged under the name Ghana Satellite […]
5th Jan 2015

Remote sensing equipment supports wind development in South Africa

Wind energy developer, Windlab, will begin using the Vaisala Triton Sonic Wind Profiler, a ground-based remote sensing system, to assist with ongoing and critical site selection […]
5th Jan 2015

First African SAR high-resolution earth observation satellite

The GHANA SAT 1 five year program will be implemented in three phases (1) Establishing a data center for the processing and analysis of Earth Observation […]
5th Jan 2015

Satellite Industry Plans For Africa’s Future

“The backbone of this new advanced remote sensing system is based on two technological developments. The first is an optical hyperspectral sensor that is able to break […]
5th Jan 2015

Successful launch puts Astra 2G broadcast satellite in orbit

The Proton rocket lifted off with the ASTRA 2G satellite at 2137 GMT (4:37 p.m. EST) Saturday. The powerful launcher blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in […]