2nd Feb 2016

South Africa and Lesotho As Seen From Orbit

Source: NASA Earth Observation An astronaut aboard the International Space Station looked toward the horizon as the spacecraft sped across southern Africa. The crew member used […]
2nd Feb 2016

East Africa: Now, Drones Used to Gather Crop Data

Source: All Africa; Article: Clifford Gikunda Scientists from various research institutions in the region are carrying out a pilot project for gathering crop data using drones. […]
2nd Feb 2016

How to feed 11 billion people: Addressing the 21st century’s biggest challenge

Source: Earth Magazine; Article:Terri Cook In April 2008, violent protests erupted across the impoverished Caribbean nation of Haiti. Enraged by soaring food prices and all-too-frequent hunger […]
2nd Feb 2016

Jason­3 satellite forecasts would be valuable to drought-striken areas caused by El Nino, such as Southern Africa

Source: Engineering News; Article: African News Agency   A new satellite launched on Sunday will monitor rising sea levels caused by global warming and provide forecast […]
2nd Feb 2016

A New Approach to Human Geography

Source: Trajectory Magazine; Article: Bykristin Quin Satellite imagery is an untapped resource for understanding human geography, according to John Irvine, the chief data scientist at Draper […]
15th Jan 2016

Promoting Sustainable Energy Access through the use of geospatial technologies in West Africa

Source: ECOWREX The lack of data and planning tool continue to pose a major challenge towards the development of the energy sector in West Africa. Reliable […]
13th Jan 2016

New NASA Satellite Maps Show Human Fingerprint on Global Air Quality

Source: Space Daily This global map shows the concentration of nitrogen dioxide in the troposphere as detected by the Ozone Monitoring Instrument aboard the Aura satellite, […]
13th Jan 2016

Satellite imagery reveals most lightning-prone places on Earth

Source: Live Science; Article: Tia Ghose SAN FRANCISCO — The place most likely to be struck by lightning in the world is one spot above Lake […]
13th Jan 2016

Eyes in the sky track health of Earth’s African ‘lung’ and the pains of its lands

Source: Mail & Guardian Africa HIGH in the sky, a satellite passes over the equatorial forest of west Africa, the Earth’s second largest “lung” after the […]