The National Remote Sensing Committee (CNT), A Spatial Images End-Users Network in Madagascar: First Experience Return

Towards an integrated water resource management system
8th Oct 2012
Monitoring Refugee Camp Evolution and Population Dynamics in Dagahaley, Kenya, based on VHSR satellite data
8th Oct 2012


RAKOTONDRAOMPIANA, Solofo(1),(2) ; FARAMALALA, Miadana(3) ; RAKOTONIAINA, Solofoarisoa(1),(4) ; RAZANAKA, Samuel(5)

  1. Institut & Observatoire de Géophysique d’Antananarivo (IOGA), laboratoire de géophysique de l’environnement et télédétection. Université d’Antananarivo (Madagascar)
  2. Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique d’Antananarivo, département de géologie. Université d’Antananarivo (Madagascar)
  3. Faculté des Sciences, département de biologie et écologie végétales. Université d’Antananarivo (Madagascar)
  4. Faculté des sciences, département de physique. Université d’Antananarivo (Madagascar)
  5. Centre National de Recherche sur l’Environnement (CNRE). Madagascar


Comité National Télédétection (CNT) is a network of spatial images end-users in Madagascar. Objectives are capacity building, to share information and to encourage emergence of new projects using remote sensing data. CNT was operational since 2009 and this is our first return of experiences.

CNT is an initiative of searchers from University of Antananarivo and it gathers about forty institutions including public administration, universities, private companies and NGOs.

It allows us to transmit to member scientific information about satellites and remote sensing data, to get information from members about their situation so we could use this information for capacity building and negotiation with foreign partners.

CNT has now its own website where we put all information to member and share image data to all users.

But we also meet some problems concerning mainly the legal status of CNT.

This post was written by Solofo Rakotondraompiana, Miadana Farmalala, Solofoarisoa Rakotoniaina, Samuel Razanaka. Contact Solofo Rakotondraompiana for more information.