30th Jul 2019
IARPA Opens Machine Learning Challenge
30th Jul 2019

Closing date: 31 August 2018

Key responsibilities:

  • Lead and compile centre strategy and operational plan in conjunction with management team;
  • Keep abreast with energy domain knowledge;
  • Formulate and implement foresight studies and technology trend analysis;
  • Contribute to proposals or applications such as DST proposals, Young Researcher Establishment Fund (YREF), technology demonstrators, NRF applications, flagships, etc;
  • Manage, maintain and grow parliamentary grant (PG) funding on behalf of the centre;
  • Manage and grow thematic funding by supporting call process, track expenditure, negotiate re-allocation;
  • Support Competency Area Managers (CAMs) and Research Group Leaders (RGLs)  in formulating new research programmes for unlocking strategic research funding;
  • Identify and develop new science engineering & technology (SET) capabilities required for business and impact growth;
  • Lead and compile centre strategic and operational plan in conjunction with stakeholders;
  • Monitor and evaluate centre alignment and delivery against the strategic and operational plans;
  • Implement strategic investment management system;
  • Contribute to strategic HCD by developing strategic SET competences in new areas;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of RD&I activities including deployment thereof;
  • Ensure proper IP management systems i.e. ensure the centre has the correct IP and commercialisation skills, processes, infrastructure in order for its business objectives to be met;
  • Provide critical input into CSIR’s research and development strategy

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