SCS-Gi appointed as master distributor for marketing and sales of 21AT satellite imagery in Africa

4th Aug 2015
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2nd Sep 2015

Dr. Sias Mostert of Space Commercial Services Holdings (Pty) Ltd (SCSH), on behalf of a subsidiary SCS Global Information (SCS Gi), and Dr. Wei Sun of Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology (Asia) Co. Ltd (21AT), have signed a Master Distributor Agreement for the marketing and sales of high-resolution satellite imagery from their recently launched TripleSat Constellation. This agreement was signed at the Africa Geospatial Forum in Johannesburg, South Africa on the 18th of August 2015.


A commercial Earth observation satellite operator based in Beijing, 21AT bought the capacity of the TripleSat Constellation and is releasing for purchase this satellite data world wide. Successfully launched on the 10th of July 2015, the TripleSat Constellation comprises of three identical electro-optical satellites that make it possible to target anywhere on Earth once per day. The satellites are designed to provide ˂ 1.0 metre panchromatic and ˂ 4.0 metre multispectral imagery products with a swath of 24km; thus offering the best combination of spatial and time resolution and as a result, numerous operational applications for customers across the continent.


Mr. Wang Zhiyong, Chief Executive Officer of 21AT (Asia), said that “TripleSat is currently undergoing in-orbit commissioning and the initial data acquisition has produced high quality images. The radiometric calibration is continuing and all three satellites are moving towards their designed positions in the Constellation. The in-orbit commissioning is expected to be completed within three months upon which the commercial satellite data services will commence”.

Dr. Mostert, Managing Director of SCSH, said “I am extremely excited about this partnership and the positive impact it will have on providing high-quality, reliable data to our clients across the continent. The imagery data can support a wide range of applications such as crop assessments, forestry management and deforestation, environmental protection, insurance risk assessments, infrastructure monitoring, urban and rural development, border control and maritime security. SCS Global Information (SCS Gi) is now able to provide its clients with independent all-source analytic services ensuring the delivery of timely, actionable information to the point of decision”.

About SCSH

The Space Commercial Services Holdings (Pty) Ltd (SCSH) group consists of several subsidiary companies/entities specialising in nano, micro, small satellite assembly, integration and testing, satellite component manufacturing, ground processing and global information services. With more than 20 years of experience, the company’s headquarters are situated in a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa and provides their clients with access to leading experts in the fields of aerospace, engineering, geographic information services and remote sensing. SCS Gi provides its clients with a wide range of data, value-added products and information services and primarily focuses on the use of all-source analysis in support of market segments such as agriculture, environmental, forestry, insurance, infrastructure, mining, urban and rural development, telecommunications, transportation and security.


About 21AT

Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology Co. Ltd (21AT) is the first and only EO commercial satellite operator in China. Currently employing more than 300 employees, their headquarters are in Beijing from where they have also been providing remote sensing applications within China since the launch of their first satellite – Beijing-1 in 2005. Providing satellite imagery to international customers, Beijing-1 is also one of five satellites in DMC that provided international disaster response through an International Charter. Based on Beijing-1’s success, 21AT has acquired the new capability of three 1m satellites in a Constellation for TripleSat service. 21AT will start their operational worldwide satellite data services from the TripleSat Constellation following the completion of the commissioning phase. Through this 21AT will create new applications for customers as well as business opportunities for worldwide partners using their operational monitoring services. All of which is powered by TripleSat Constellation.


Dr. Sias Mostert and Dr. Wei Sun signing the contract

TripleSat Constellation prior to launch

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