Analysis of Spatial Dynamics and characterization of Nigerian coastline using Geographic Information Systems

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Nigerian coastline is a product of several geomorphologic, biogenic and anthropogenic processes taking place, causing erosion of the shoreline especially at coastline bend including Ondo and Delta States while deposition is taking place at the delta region of the coastline. The Ondo – Delta coastline is a 150 kilometer stretch of different structures and characteristics raging from coarse beach, mud beach and fine sand.

The study utilize multi-date satellite remote sensing data of three epochs spanning twenty five (25) years complemented with field work, in order to identify the forces at play and the dynamics of the Nigerian coastlines including geomorphologic processes taking place. It also uses the process of digital shoreline system analysis toolkit to calculate the process of coastline movement by using transects perpendicular to a baseline.

It was observed that the coastline has undergone a phase of erosion and deposition, between 1986 and 2000 erosion was the most dominant process resulting in a 22% loss of coastline area. However between 2000 and 2011 the coastline advanced by 39%, this corresponds to an overall increase in the coastline of 66km in the same period.

The paper concludes that the dominant processes in the Ondo – Delta coastline are mainly erosion and deposition; consequently communities around Ondo such as Awoye, Molume, and Oruna are most vulnerable to erosion. On the other hand around the Delta axis communities such as Yokri Egbe, Jalla and Kantu experience more deposition process.

* Fabiyi. O.O. : Regional Centre for Training in Aerospace Surveys. Ile Ife Nigeria

Ikhuoria I.A.: Regional Centre for Training in Aerospace Surveys. Ile Ife Nigeria

Yesuf G. : Regional Centre for Training in Aerospace Surveys. Ile Ife Nigeria

*Corresponding Author

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