May 2018
African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment
Association Africaine de Télédétection de L’environnement
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Papers for AARSE2016 Conference

The South African Journal of Geomatics has published selected papers from the AARSE2016 conference. Click here to view

Call for expression of interest to host AARSE conference

The African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment (AARSE) invites expression of interest from national institutional members and/or other organizations/agencies in Africa for the hosting/organization of the 13 th Conference of the Association in 2020. Bids can also be received for the 14 th edition (2022) and the 15 th edition (2024). The conference is usually held in the last week of October of every even–number year. Visit our website for more info.

Africa’s space race intensifies

ACMAD logo Kenya has become the latest African country to join the continent’s burgeoning space race, after launching its first home–designed satellite from the International Space Station.The country joins Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Egypt and Algeria on a growing list of African countries which have renewed interest in their space programmes over the past decade. Read more...

USAID Launches Geospatial Tool to Guide Zambia’s Electricity Sector

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The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in support of Power Africa has developed a geospatial tool to guide the advancement of the Zambia energy sector. The USAID Southern Africa Energy Program (SAEP) collaborated with the Zambia Ministry of Energy and the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) to produce the tool, which identifies areas without power and presents the lowest–cost electrification options (grid extension, developing mini–grids or installing solar home systems). Read more...

Africa Gains Momentum in Green Climate Solutions

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The Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) and World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) provide support for countries in making sound policy, technology, and investment choices that lead to better approaches for mitigation, adaptation and resilience. Read more...

GIS substation commissioned

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The substation is part of the Nairobi City Centre Network Upgrade and Reinforcement Project that is aimed at improving the flexibility of the power distribution system in Nairobi. Kenya Power noted in a statement that the project is being implemented by TBEA of China at a cost of KShs.13.2 billion ($128 million), funded by the Exim Bank of China through a twenty–year concessional loan. Read more...

China launches new satellite to provide weather data to BRI countries

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China has successfully launched a new meteorological satellite to improve the accuracy of weather forecasting and provide better meteorological services free of cost to countries participating in its ambitious, multi–billion dollar Belt and Road Initiative. The massive Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) seeks to build rail, maritime and road links from Asia to Europe and Africa in a revival of ancient Silk Road trading routes. Read more...

Lost in space

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Everything seemed normal at first when the Ariane 5 rocket launched from Kourou, French Guiana, in late January. It was carrying Al Yah 3, the SES–14 communications satellite, and a hosted payload for NASA. Shortly after launch, however, Arianespace lost contact with the rocket. Read more...

NGA explores emerging geospatial tech in a deal with Planet

ACMAD logo The National Geospatial–Intelligence Agency announced last month it had entered into such a deal — a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (called a CRADA) — with commercial imagery provider Planet. The CRADA allows the company the chance to give NGA early access and insights into the analytics it’s developing for geospatial imagery, said Jennifer Marcus, vice president of federal operations at Planet. Read more...

AARSE 2018 Conference
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The 12th AARSE Conference will be held from 25nd to 29th October 2018 in Alexandria, Egypt with the Arab Academy of Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AAST) and National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (NARSS) as joint local hosts. Click here...

Population Census by TripleSat Constellation
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21AT and TrippleSat constellation supports city management and population census applications over Africa. Cities grow exponentially, ever increasing the demand on public services and increasing the demand on disaster planning. De–vegetation and soil sealing increase flood risk With regular satellite imagery urban growth can be managed in conjunction with flood models, digital elevation models, precipitation models, catchment area maps. Data overlaid with census and population growth models. Click here...

Corporate Profiles
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CyanoLakes (Pty) Ltd is a specialist water data service provider from satellite remote sensing to governments, commercial water utilities, aquaculture/mariculture operations, water engineering projects, environmental service companies and academic and research institutions. Our operational near real-time geo–information service (demonstration at is designed to significantly improve decision making for government authorities and commercial operators by providing live information and analytics. We also provide consulting services and engage in research and development projects to continually improve our product offering. Contact us now to find custom solutions to your water problems. CyanoLakes – making your water safer! Read more!

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Space Advisory Services

Space Advisory Company is a satellite programme and systems consulting and engineering bureau situated in Somerset West, South Africa. SAC offers professional and expert advisory/technical/engineering services of a verified high quality, tailored to support customer space programmes and assist in the ensuring of successful outcomes which are within budget and time constraints. This is achieved as a result of resources and teams with extensive experience working on Advisory Engagements, Space Programmes, Remote Sensing and Earth Observation projects. Click here for more information.
Visit the website for futher details.

Did You Know?

  • The amount of carbon stored in Earth’s forests and how it is changing will be measured in the forthcoming Climate Change Initiative Biomass project, in which the legacy of GlobBiomass will be carried forward to the Sentinels’ era.Read more!

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