February 2018
African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment
Association Africaine de Télédétection de L’environnement
Association sénégalaise des Professionnels de la Géomatique (ASPG)

L’objet de l’ASPG est:

  1. de favoriser le développement et l’usage de l’information géographique au Sénégal au bénéfice de tous les acteurs publics et privés et du grand public ;
  2. de contribuer aux débats relatifs à la définition et à la mise en œuvre des politiques nationales, régionales et internationales de l’information géographique ;
  3. de fédérer les actions des associations scientifiques ou techniques et des organisations professionnelles du secteur, en maintenant avec tous ces groupements des relations suivies.

Earth aim to grow data Journalism in Africa

ACMAD logo Africa: The largest federation in Africa for civic technology and data journalism labs, Code for Africa and Radiant.Earth have joined hands to harness open Earth imagery and tools for improved decision–making, as well as better insight and transparency. Their combined efforts will focus on research for new and innovative applications of Earth observation data to support investigative journalism and storytelling, as well as capacity development. Read more...

Study Shows Drones Could Help Avert Water Crises

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Two researchers from Utah State University have demonstrated that the accuracy of river discharge data gleaned from aerial imagery collected by drones is equal to more expensive, traditional methods in certain cases. Read more...

Space Technology Could Change the Balance of Power in Africa

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In 2013, during a visit by French President François Hollande to Morocco’s capital Rabat, a deal was made in secret for France to build a satellite for the Moroccan government. On November 7, 2017, four years after this deal was signed, Mohammed VI-A, Africa’s first high–resolution imaging satellite, was launched, giving Morocco a new kind of power in North Africa. Read more...

Earth–i receives money from UK government to improve crop yield

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The grant will enable Earth–i to launch the ACCORD programme in Kenya and Rwanda. ACCORD has been specifically developed to help smallholder coffee farmers in Africa improve crop quality and yield. It combines Earth–i’s very high–resolution satellite imagery with WeatherSafe’s data platform to provide an extensive crop, weather and pest analysis – and shares the information via a mobile app. Read more...

Emirates SkyCargo carries first UAE manufactured space satellite

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February 15, 2018: The freight division of Emirates, Emirates SkyCargo, has transported KhalifaSat– the first satellite developed and built by Emirati engineers in the UAE at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC). As the first step in its journey to space, KhalifaSat was flown from Dubai to Incheon International Airport in South Korea on an Emirates SkyCargo Boeing 777 freighter aircraft that was specially chartered for the occasion. Emirates SkyCargo also unveiled a special branded truck to mark the event. Read more...

Vihiga adopts GIS technology in design of county projects

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County governments in Kenya are still grappling with implementation of devolved governance since inception in 2013. One of the challenges is how to automate services to improve efficiency as well as seal loopholes through which billions of shillings are lost to corruption. Read more...

The intensifying battle for Africa’s burgeoning tech landscape

ACMAD logo The scale and complexity of Africa’s technical landscape sits at the heart of the problem, and connectivity issues are particularly prevalent. Internet users in Africa represent only 10 percent of the total users in the world, despite representing 16 percent of the world population, according to Internet World Stats. And only 31 percent of the total population has access to the internet, which represents a penetration that is well below the rest of the world at 52 percent. Read more...

AARSE 2018 Conference
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The 12th AARSE Conference will be held from 22nd to 26th October 2018 in Alexandria, Egypt with the Arab Academy of Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AAST) and National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (NARSS) as joint local hosts. Click here...

Corporate Profiles
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CyanoLakes (Pty) Ltd is a specialist water data service provider from satellite remote sensing to governments, commercial water utilities, aquaculture/mariculture operations, water engineering projects, environmental service companies and academic and research institutions. Our operational near real-time geo-information service (demonstration at http://eonemp.cyanolakes.com) is designed to significantly improve decision making for government authorities and commercial operators by providing live information and analytics. We also provide consulting services and engage in research and development projects to continually improve our product offering. Contact us now to find custom solutions to your water problems. CyanoLakes – making your water safer! Read more!

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Space Advisory Services

Space Advisory Company is a satellite programme and systems consulting and engineering bureau situated in Somerset West, South Africa. SAC offers professional and expert advisory/technical/engineering services of a verified high quality, tailored to support customer space programmes and assist in the ensuring of successful outcomes which are within budget and time constraints. This is achieved as a result of resources and teams with extensive experience working on Advisory Engagements, Space Programmes, Remote Sensing and Earth Observation projects. Click here for more information.
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Did You Know?

  • Engineers at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center tasked with overseeing launches of scientific satellites and interplanetary probes are responsible this year for ensuring six major missions safely get into space over a span of a little more than six months, beginning with the launch of NOAA’s new GOES-S weather observatory on an Atlas 5 rocket on 01 March. After overseeing the launch of NOAA’s latest weather satellite, NASA plans to put up a spacecraft to search for planets circling other stars, a lander that will travel to Mars, a small satellite to study the interaction between solar activity and Earth’s atmosphere, a probe to travel closer to the sun than any previous mission, and a mission to measure Earth’s thinning polar ice sheets and glaciers.

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