5th Jan 2015

South Africa’s nanosatellite: one year, 250 million kilometres

TshepisoSAT, South Africa’s first nanosatellite, has survived one year in space. “The odds are against you when you launch a nanosatellite, but Cape Peninsula University of Technology(CPUT) […]
5th Jan 2015

African moon mission seeks cash for first phase

A group of African space enthusiasts have taken to the internet to raise money for what they say will be the continent’s first moon mission. Africa2Moon’s main goal […]
11th Dec 2014

200th Long March rocket launches CBERS-4

CBERS-4 was successfully launched from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in China. Telemetry signals sent by CBERS-4 indicate it is working according to expectations. Hopefully by the end […]
5th Nov 2014

ESA-AARSE award winners for best paper at AARSE 2014 conference

The European Space Agency (ESA) has sponsored a cash prize for the Best Paper and the Best Poster presented at the 10th International AARSE Conference, held […]
5th Nov 2014

GEO-XI Plenary Update

Due to a low projected attendance, which would prevent GEO from having a full and representative discussion of important issues to be considered at this Plenary, […]
16th Oct 2014

SAAO / LIVING MATHS live Google+ Hangout to celebrate Comet Siding Spring’s close encounter with Mars.

On the 19th of October at 20:28 SAST Comet Siding Spring is due to make a close flyby of Mars, passing at a distance of just […]
9th Oct 2014

First Copernicus satellite now operational

Now that the commissioning of Sentinel-1A is completed and the satellite’s transfer to the team in charge of its exploitation, its data are available to all users as of […]
9th Oct 2014

Map of trends in land-surface temperature since 1960

This estimate uses observations from approximately 40,000 land-surface temperature stations. Click on contour lines for numerical values, or click on the indicated reference points for more […]
7th Oct 2014

Ethiopia to launch new research satellite

Ethiopia has planned to launch a medium research satellite, weighing between 20-25 Kg, within the next five years.  The Entoto Observatory and Research Center (EORC) signed […]