AARSE 12th International Conference

25 to 29 October 2018

Alexandria, Egypt

Overview by Dr Souleye Wade, AARSE Communications Manager

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The 12th AARSE International Conference, AARSE 2018, « Earth Observations and Geospatial Science in service of Sustainable Development Goals » was held in Alexandria, Egypt, at the Arab Academy of Science and Technology, from 25th to 29th of October, 2018.

AARSE 2018, a major event in the African and international community of Earth observation and geo-spatial information science in 2018, was organized by the African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment (AARSE) and the Arab Academy of Science and Technology, in partnership with the National Authority for Remote Sensing & Space Sciences (NARSS).

The event was sponsored by leading institutrions like AAST, NARSS, AUC, WFP, AIRBUS, ESA and WE.

Conference Sub-Themes included:

  • Space and Geospatial science for sustainable development goals.
  • Remote Sensing and GIS for natural resources management.
  • Remote Sensing of the Ocean and coastal zone management.
  • Applications of advanced remote sensing technologies (LiDAR, Hyperspectral) in Africa.
  • Climate changes implications on sustainable development in Africa.
  • Space technologies and geospatial sciences for early warning systems.
  • Big data and data mining of Geospatial data.
  • High-Performance Computing for Geospatial data analysis.
  • Influence of African Space policy on youth generation in Africa.

AARSE 2018 has brought together in the City of Alexandria leading university scientists and professionals from the African and international community to present their latest achivements, discuss challenges and share experiences.

The Conference program included keynote speeches, technical sessions with reports of the latest research outcomes, discussion sessions on operational topics such as capacity building, Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), space policy, programmes and projects. The programme presented also commercial exhibitions showing latest products and services in remote sensing and geospatial information technologies.

AARSE 2018 awarded best paper and best poster:

  • Mohamed Abdel Rahman and Hesham Aboelsoud from NARSS were awarded the European Space Agency Prize for the best poster for their poster titled: “Spatial distribution for soil physio-chemical properties of El-Sharkia Governorate using geostatistics”;
  • Ahmed M. El-Zeiny was awarded the European Space Agency Prize for the Best Paper (Joint Second) for his paper titled: “Geomatics based approach for assessing Qaroun Lake Pollution”;
  • Elfatih M. Abdel-Rahman was awarded the European Space Agency Prize for the Best Paper (Joint Second) for his paper titled: “Predicting the spatial distribution of the African Citrus Greening Disease Vector
    using an ecological niche modelling approach”;
  • Marwa S. Moustafa was awarded the European Space Agency Prize for the Best Paper (Joint First) for his paper titled: “Machine learning approach for estimating the water level in the Nile Basin, Africa”;
  • Felix Rembold was awarded the European Space Agency Prize for the Best Paper (Joint First) for his paper titled: “Anomaly Hot Spots of Agricultural Production, A New Early Warning Decision Support system”

Again warm congratulations to recipients and many thanks to the ESA for sponsoring the awards!

AARSE 2018 Conference recorded the participation of actors of all ages. Aboubakr (under 2 years), the youngest actor ever met in a Scientific Conference. Our best wishes to Aboubakr, the future of AARSE…

AARSE also recorded the participation of the Dean of African Remote Sensing Specialists, Mrs Shahinaz Yousef, who gave an excellent communication on the relationship between solar peaks and the rising of East Africa water lakes. Mrs Shahinaz Yousef has been warmly congratulated by the Conference, with a standing ovation.