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Association Africaine de Télédétection de L’environnement
ARTICLE: Detecting artficial water points in Chad

Extraction and redistribution of water at artificial water points across desert landscapes can constitute a real threat to local ecosystem dynamics. A major challenge in tackling this potential threat is identifying changes This paper investigates the potential for freely available satellite imagery to provide reliable information about the distribution of artificial water points using the Ouadi Rime-Ouadi Achim Faunal Reserve (OROAFR), Chad, as a case study. READ MORE




The 14th Specialist Meeting on Microwave Radiometry and Remote Sensing of the Environment (MicroRad 2016) is a unique gathering where the microwave radiometry community has an opportunity to present new designs, research results, technological advances and unique innovations in the field of passive microwave remote sensing. Submit your abstracts before 15 October. READ MORE

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: ESA Living Planet Symposium 2016

The European Space Agency (ESA) recently announced the organisation of their forthcoming Living Planet Symposium (LPS) 2016 that will take place in Prague from 9 to 13 May. The Living Planet Symposium is a major Earth Observation symposium that is organised every 3 years by the ESA. The LPS symposium provides a forum for EO experts to present and discuss their scientific and application research in Earth Observation. It covers the exploitation of satellite data in various thematic domains. This year a session on "biodiversity and conservation" will be organised with a special focus on the development of Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs) from remote sensing, and on the use of Earth Observation for conversation actions. You are all cordially invited to participate and submit an abstract. READ MORE

OPPORTUNITY: Contribute to the UNGEGN bulletin # 49

Contributions for the forthcoming Information Bulletin of the United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names No. 49 are now being collected. The UNGEGN Secretariat (UNSD) publishes contributions/reports from the Experts of the Group, its Linguistic/Geographical Divisions and its Working Groups in the Information Bulletin which is issued twice a year. Issue No. 49 is scheduled for November 2015 READ MORE

OPPORTUNITY: Call for bursary applicants for 2016

Do you have a dream of where you want to be? Are you focused on the end goal? Is further study an essential part of that dream and end goal? The South African National Space Agency is looking for individuals who are achievement driven, passionate and distinctive by thinking and ready to accept new and greater challenges. The bursary programme offers opportunities for students studying in a Space related field.

RESEARCH BRIEF: Call for content

Herewith we invite our readers to provide research briefs on a recent case study or a new methodology. Research briefs should include application field, key results, impact, status of application, area of application, algorithm & data used, and contact to author/organization.
Please send all content to info@africanremotesensing.org