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  • AfriGEOSS Symposium 2016: EO for the Africa we want

AfriGEOSS Symposium 2016: EO for the Africa we want

  • 27 Apr 2016
  • 29 Apr 2016
  • Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

A symposium April 27 to 29, 2016 in Zimbabwe offers an opportunity for experts in environmental and development planning, disaster risk reduction and food security to unlock the power of Earth observation tools to make better decisions.

These areas of knowledge will be explored by experts at the AfriGEOSS Symposium 2016 through existing tools and governance structures as follows:

  • Towards a harmonized land cover for Africa with medium and high resolution in support of Environmental management.
  • Monitoring of tropical forests to measure report and verify deforestation and the effect on carbon gas emissions.
  • Earth observation-based crop yield estimation, crop growth and production monitoring and forecasting systems for countries in Africa.


 "Earth Observations for the Africa We Want"


  • Understand the role of Earth Observations in the implementation of African policies for sustainable development
  • Identify means and ways for mainstreaming Earth Observations in the decision making processes in Africa
  • Review the AfriGEOSS implementation approach and develop a detailed technical and financial programme
  • Building synergies with GEO initiatives and international initiatives relevant to Africa with continental initiatives

Hosted by Research Council of Zimbabwe


You can visit the symposium website for more details and registration by clicking here.

Katy Anderson

Communications Manager

Group on Earth Observations


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