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  • 2015 IEEE Radar Conference

2015 IEEE Radar Conference

  • 27 Oct 2015
  • 30 Oct 2015
  • Sandton Convention Centre Johannesburg, South Africa,

Whether you are a user, developer, researcher or enthusiast of radar technology, join us for the 2015 IEEE Radar Conference.

The role of radar is continuously evolving. New and emerging threats such as piracy, poaching and asymmetric warfare dictate that radars need to develop to address these challenges in intelligent ways. Coupled with a dynamic operational environment with increasingly complex clutter is the need for radar to constantly improve to meet the demands of asymmetric threats and civilian applications, such as air traffic management and border surveillance. The aim of this conference is to focus on innovations in radar that rise to these challenges. 

The conference is held in Johannesburg: city of gold, gateway to Africa, once home to Nelson Mandela and also to the JB1 radar - the first radar ever developed in South Africa! Connected to many cities in US, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America via a single flight, Johannesburg, a modern African city, offers an African setting that allows conference goers the option to explore the treasures South Africa has to offer! A weekend before or after the conference spent at one of the incredible national parks or exploring the riches of the African culture is sure to leave you longing to return!

Summary Paper Requirements: Prospective authors must submit an Extended Abstract of least four (4) pages in length including figures by 20 April, 2015. Full papers up to six (6) pages in length are encouraged. Formatting and electronic submission requirements are provided at

Acceptance: Authors will be notified of acceptance by 19th June, 2015. At least one author from each accepted paper must pre-register and attend the conference or arrange for a co-author or knowledgeable colleague to present their paper. Papers that don’t satisfy this requirement will not be included in the proceedings on IEEE Xplore.

Conference topics: Submissions focusing on the following themes are invited

  1. Applications: Military and Security, Civilian and Remote Sensing
  2. Systems and Processing: Signal Processing, Multisite and Multichannel radar, Waveform Diversity, Emerging Techniques, Threats and Counter Measures, New Radar Systems
  3. Fundamentals: Measurement and Modelling of Radar Phenomenology, Improvements in Components, Antennas, Radar Systems Architectures

Sponsorship and Exhibitions: Please contact Anthony Green ( if you are interested to use this event to exhibit your new innovations!

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