JUNE 2014
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RESEARCH BRIEF: Optimization of forest rehabilitation planning
Research brief image

Open source Geo-Spatial Information Systems and Remote Sensing technologies are very important tools in decision making activities when it comes to rehabilitation of forests. Need to see an example of how to optimize planning for forest rehabilitation in a simple way and the findings?  

NEWS: Feedback on the 3rd Geospatial Conference in Tunis (GCT)
GCT Logo

This conference, now in its third year, was aimed at geospatial practitioners in North Africa and attracted participants primarily from Tunisia, Libya and Algeria, but with a number of other North African countries represented. The theme of the conference was building geospatial bridges for sustained development of North Africa.  


NEWS:France to make older Spot Images available for free
Astrium Image

The French government has agreed to open its Spot optical Earth observation data archive and distribute, free of charge to noncommercial users, Spot satellite data that are at least five years old.

Spot 6 image of Bora Bora, French Polynésia.
Credit: Astrium image

NEWS:FAO initiative brings global land cover data under one roof
FAO logo

New database most-reliable global view of planetary land cover assembled to-date. A new FAO database released today collects previously scattered and unharmonized land cover information from around the globe into one centralized database, marking a major improvement in information regarding the physical characteristics of the Earth's surface.


At the 7th biennial AARSE conference of 2008 in Accra, Ghana, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the (GRSS) of IEEE and AARSE was approved by the AARSE General Assembly. The MoU sets out agreements for co-operation between the two societies in four important activities. Under this agreement, many members of AARSE also became members of GRSS and have been enjoying free access to their newsletter and scientific publications on the condition that they keep their membership up-to-date. 
MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS: Discount for the AARSE 2014 conference
AARSE member discount

To show just how much we value our members the AARSE council has decided to give our Regular members inside and outside Africa discount for the registration for the AARSE 2014 conference. If your membership fees are paid for 2014 you will receive $30 discount and if your membership fees are paid upfront for 2015 and 2016 you will receive $100 discount.

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CALL FOR ABSTRACT AND PAPERS:AARSE Conference Deadline Extention
TanDEM-X Science Phase

We sincerely thank all authors who have burnt the midnight oil to timeously submit their abstracts! We have received numerous requests to extend the original deadlines. Therefore the authors who were unable to meet the original deadline will now have 13 extra days to submit their work.
TanDEM-X Science Phase

This AO is related to a dedicated science phase for the demonstration of innovative techniques and experiments that have special orbital and imaging requirements in order to foster the development of new methods and applications. The science phase will last for 15 months, starting in October 2014 and ending in December 2015, in which the TanDEM-X mission will be operated in two main configurations: the pursuit monostatic and bistatic mode.
COURSE: Statistical Analysis of Geospatial Data for Environmental Studies
This course is designed for professionals with a university degree and with a background in ecology, soil and plant sciences, agronomy, forestry and related environmental sciences, who want a wider and integrated perspective in statistical analysis and interpretation of spatial data. Knowledge on basic statistical inference and on correlation and regression is required. Familiarity with statistical software programming is desirable. The course will take place at the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM). The course will be held from 9 to 20 June 2014
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Job Tilte: Radio Astronomy Systems Engineer (TBC)
Job Description:Provide domain expertise (Radio Astronomy) to the Systems Engineering function in a large, complex and cutting edge science project. You will form part of the System Engineering team of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Science Data Processor (SDP) element consortium and work with a glabally distributed project team. The ability and desire to grow into the role of Systems Engineer is key to this position.
Minimum requirements:M.Sc. (Ph.D preferred) in Radio Astronomy or closely related field. Please send your CV to laurraine@scshgroup.com

MEMBERSHIP PAYMENT: Africa's answer to PayPal
Online Naira

The AARSE team has set up an Online Naira account to facilitate online payments across Africa for our members who cannot access PayPal. This method is very secure easy to use. As a bonus, AARSE will cover the transaction costs whenever you pay your membership fees. 

RESEARCH BRIEF: Call for content
Call for content

We kindly call on our readers to provide research briefs on a recent case study or a new methodology. Research briefs should include application field, key results, impact, status of application, area of application, algorithm & data used, and contact to author/organization. Please send all content to info@africanremotesensing.org