African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment
Association Africaine de Télédétection de L’environnement
ARTICLE: Studying Urban Growth in Ethiopia

Urban sprawl is a global phenomenon takes place in response to the population growth as well as economy and infrastructure initiatives. It is a dramatic problem in most of African cities, due to the unplanned sprawl and population growth. Moreover, the lack of geographical and spatial database makes it difficult to create logical urban planning guidelines. This study explored the potentiality of remote sensing and Geographic Information System techniques to evaluate the urban growth in Addis Ababa city in the last 80 years
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NEWS: Space Charter Activated for Malawi

At least 48 people have been killed and around 23,000 forced from their homes by heavy flooding in Malawi, the country's leader said on Tuesday. President Peter Mutharika has declared a third of the country a disaster zone and urgently appealed for foreign aid.

NEWS: New Executive Director of RECTAS

Dr. Adewale AKINGBADE has been appointed as the new Executive Director of RECTAS after the expiry of tenure of Prof. Isi Ikhuoria on 31st August 2014. Dr. AKINGBADE is an alumnus of ITC, Enschede, The Netherlands, a Nigerian and a Senior Professional staff of RECTAS, currently working with the Presidential Committee on Land Reform. He assumed duty at RECTAS on Monday 5th January, 2015.
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NEWS: Ten New TIGER Research Projects Kicked-off

In September 2014, African researchers from 12 countries submitted a proposal in response to the TIGER call proposals "Advanced Space Research for Water Resources Management in Africa. Selected projects will be integrated into the TIGER Network and will benefit from the TIGER Capacity Building Facility. ESA and the TCBF will provide the project leaders of selected projects. READ MORE

NEWS: Ghana To Have Its Own Satellite In 2020

Ghana is to launch a space satellite in the next five years near the Equator for earth observation. To be flagged under the name Ghana Satellite One (GHANASAT 1), it will be the first earth observation satellite in the orbit in the West African sub-region. READ MORE

NEWS: 200th Long March Rocket Launches CBERS-4

The fifth cooperative mission between China and Brazil was launched at 03:26UTC on Sunday. In what was a milestone 200th launch for the Chinese rocket fleet, the CBERS-4 satellite was lofted by China’s Long March-4B from the LC9 launch complex at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. READ MORE

NEWS: AARSE Participation at Earth Observation Workshop

The President of AARSE was invited to the scoping workshop on ‘the role of Earth Observation (EO) systems in Environmental Policy Support - Africa’ held on December 4-5, 2014 in Washington DC, USA.

PRODUCTS: Getmapping Releases New Version

Getmapping has released version 6 of its highly successful multi-featured Online GIS. Support within the Online GIS for Worldwide projections now opens up the solution to users around the world, and the software has already been deployed in a number of countries including Uganda, Kenya and South Africa.

CALL FOR PROPOSAL: Venus Earth Observation Mission

Starting in 2016, the Venus satellite will provide optical data at a high resolution (5 to 10 metres), every second day, on a hundred of sites acquired under constant viewing angles, with 12 spectral bands. The purpose of this call is to select about 100 sites from around the world to be acquired by the Venus mission. READ MORE


The 12th International Symposium for GIS and Computer Cartography for Coastal Zone Management (CoastGIS 2015) that will take place in the Western Cape, South Africa, from April 22-24 2015. Authors are invited to submit extended abstracts and workshops proposals. Final abstract submission date was extended to 30 January 2015. READ MORE

RESEARCH BRIEF: Call for content

Herewith we invite our readers to provide research briefs on a recent case study or a new methodology. Research briefs should include application field, key results, impact, status of application, area of application, algorithm & data used, and contact to author/organization.
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